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We ensure flawless execution, guiding projects seamlessly from initial concept to successful completion.

EPC Services

Led by industry veterans, our Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) expertise are exclusively dedicated to Solar and Battery Storage energy infrastructure projects.

Our accomplished team brings a distinctive perspective to system layout, equipment selection, and optimization. We specialize in designing high-output PV plants, sizing batteries tailored to your specific use case, and integrating Solar Plus Storage systems that optimize to meet your project objectives.


With over a decade of experience in the solar industry, our team boasts an extensive network of solar, battery, and medium-voltage equipment vendors. We're well-equipped to tackle the challenges of a dynamic global market, providing cost-efficient solutions with manageable lead times.


Our executive leadership team has a collective experience of over a decade and a portfolio of 500 projects in the field, making us experts in building solar projects. We excel at problem-solving and delivering projects on time and within budget. We offer guaranteed results because we understand the intricacies of complex markets and the demands of challenging projects.


Our Master Electrician lead team goes the extra mile by offering comprehensive commissioning and warranty services. Our range of services encompasses a comprehensive asset tracking system using QR codes, maintenance, and support, guaranteeing the enduring dependability of your distributed energy infrastructure for the long haul.

Commissioning and O&M

Our clients hire us because of our leadership's hands-on approach to all aspects of the EPC lifecycle. We are engaged in your projects from supporting your development through to supporting your operations and maintenance. Let us help you reduce risk and deliver results.

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